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Unfortunately burglaries do occur, we would all like to hope it will never happen to us, but sadly, it isn't always the way things pan out.


The damage caused by a break-in is always hard to get over, be it emotional, practical or both. You can put your mind at ease by installing an 'Intruder Alarm System', by doing so you are keeping yourself, others and the possessions you own in a much safer environment.


Intruder alarm systems are a great visual way to deter the prying eyes from you ...and your home.


MI Security are able to offer professionally designed and installed Intruder Alarm Systems, either standalone or integrated ...but don't worry if you already have a security system, we will do our best to make sure the systems we install will work with most other security systems available. If on the rare occasion they may not be compatible, we would advise you of this in your free security survey.

Protecting you and premises, MI Security utilises the latest technologies and can provide a system depending on your specific requirements.


We understand the worries you have when protecting your home or business from unauthorised access and can provide an intruder alarm system that is tailored to your needs.


Key features we offer include:


Suitable for all commercial premises

Suitable for private residence

24 hour monitored protection

Quick comprehensive installation and guidance