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MI Security Ltd are able to offer professionally designed and installed Fire Detection Systems whether hardwired or wireless, we will find a system that's right for your needs.


Fire Detection systems provide the ultimate in protection for you or your business. We provide reliable systems which can help protect warehouses, office buildings, lodging establishments, educational facilities, retail stores or even your permanent place of residence. We can install scalable systems, ranging from simple to complex.


Are you adding an extension to your office or home? With our systems, we can in most cases just expand your current system, saving you both time and money. Do you have a particular brand or product in mind? We happily install any system for you.

Our fire detection survey will help us understand your requirements to keep your house / business safe.


Most Fire Detection systems consist of a main control Panel, detectors and ancillary devices and sounders and signallers, we can also provide as part of a package, service and maintenance contracts, even if we didn't install

your system.


Key features we offer include:


Monitoring detection devices

Sounders and signalling

 Detecting the presence of smoke, heat or fire

Alarm activation